Bell Door Intercom

More and more people are building home offices especially now that gas prices are so high. The way that a lot of big businesses are helping employees cope with those costs is to let them set up an office at home to cut out the commute to a downtown office. But working at home requires some planning and some getting used to because it is an entirely different world than working in a corporate setting. And one of the biggest problems for someone working in a home office setting is interruptions.

Most people who work at home have the kind of work where they must concentrate for an extended period of time. The quiet of a home office can be ideal for that. But there is nothing more disturbing that to hear the bell your front door ring and to have to run across the house to answer it. This is especially true of your office is on another floor or remote from the front door, which it probably is if you selected the location for the peace and quiet it affords.

The problem isnít that people come to the door. In many cases, those calls are legitimate. But in some cases, they are sales people or calls that you really donít need to get up and go take care of. Sometimes the temptation is to just decide that you are "at work" and treat the front door as though you were in an office off site. But if you work at home for very long, your work will come calling as much as personal issues will ring that doorbell. So a better solution is called for.

An intercom system that is tied in with the doorbell for your front door could be that better solution you need. In that way, when you hear those chimes, you can activate the intercom right from your office and find out what the caller needs or wants. You may still have to get up and go take care of some business that comes to call. But in many cases, you can take care of the problem through the intercom and either continue to work or not get up every time the front doorbell rings.

This is an ideal way to handle calls for other members of your family. Friends of your children or people who have business to be handled by your spouse can be greeted so you find out what the issue is. But you can quickly let the person at the door know that the one they came to see is not available and they can be on their way without you having to have a face-to-face meeting with them. Its polite, its personal but efficient all at the same time.

You can use that intercom system to take care of salespeople, delivery services and lots of other business that might come to the door without ever getting up from your desk. There is a cost to putting in the intercom equipment so everything works well. And if you go with a wireless approach, you need to make sure it will work well without interfering with other wireless systems you have in the house and that the conversations won't be picked up by the neighbors. But with some technical assistance, you can have a reliable intercom system tied to your doorbell and the savings in time and frustration will be more than worth the cost.